Laurie’s Advocare Story

Two years ago, my daughter Brooke had just woken up from a nap and was walking in front of me through the living room– I remember watching the cute little skip in her step. I followed behind her and sat down at our computer desk in the hallway right next to her brother’s bedroom. She walked into the bedroom, and then I heard the crash – our lives would change FOREVER. I remember looking into the doorway and seeing the bottom of the dresser, but not Brooke. I panicked when I realized she was underneath the dresser. I was only able to partially lift the dresser myself because I had just had a major back surgery. My effort had gotten the weight of the dresser off of her head, and I was hanging on with all my strength. My husband was there instantly and literally threw the dresser from her into the corner of my son’s room. I saw her reaction…she shuttered or jerked a little and then I saw the blood coming from her left ear.

Brooke suffered severe injuries from the dresser that fell on top of her head. Due to 3 different skull fractures, Brooke had air in her brain. The initial prognosis was that the brain looked good, but we were given a window of 72 hours.  Brooke had also suffered damage to the dura membrane around the brain which could cause cerebral fluid leakage that could lead to a possible deadly infection. She had shattered the orbital bones above her eyes and had broken a bone very close to the auditory nerve in her ear. We were prepared by hospital staff for possible brain damage, blindness, loss of hearing or even infection that could lead to death. Despite all of this, she seemed to be doing well according to the doctors.  Brooke would have surgery to repair the tear in her dura (the membrane around her brain) and reconstruct the bones above her eyes. The only way to perform this surgery would be a craniotomy–an ear to ear incision to enter through the top of the skull.  It would be a long recovery, but Brooke would recover 100% and blossom into the beautiful, happy, healthy, vibrant 6 year old – there is not a day goes by that I do not thank God for letting her stay here with us.  I share Brooke’s complete story in  “Mending Wings” and Brooke’s Angel Wings works to raise awareness to the dangers of an accident like my daughter’s.











As a mom, it’s hard to deal with the impact of an accident such as Brooke’s. It can affect the entire family, and it did cause me emotional and personal hard-ship. After Brooke’s accident, I blamed myself because her accident could have been prevented. Her accident changed me. Now, looking back – I know that the change has been for the best. However, getting to that point took time and some pain. She is now a healthy and happy 6 year old that is thriving, and I know that – but, I go back to the day of her accident everyday. A year ago, I decided that her story needed to be shared to raise awareness to the dangers of unsecured furniture and TVs in our homes. Every 2 weeks a child is seriously injured or dies from an accident involving unsecured furniture or TVs in the home.  I always knew that I needed to spread our message because it might save another family from going through such a tragedy. I also knew in the hospital the first night when a doctor explained, “You know her dresser could have been secured to the wall and this would have never happened” that I HAD TO LET OTHERS KNOW. It’s not that my husband and I had not thought about the dangers or even looked for the equipment to install – it’s just that we could have never imagined the massive damage a light weight dresser could do to our baby girl. We could never imagine it could almost kill her, or that every 2 weeks a child is dying. Who thinks about that?? So, my mission to let others know so that what happened to our family does not happen to them.

Prior to Brooke’s accident, my life revolved around fitness. I was a cheerleader and competitive swimmer in High School. During my college years, I was AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and was a Certified Group Exercise Leader with Sports Medicine and Performance Institute of Texas.  I worked as a trainer and aerobics instructor at Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness.   After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Journalism/Public Relations, I got that first “real” job as a Customer Resource Manager with Dun & Bradstreet where I was a Customer Service Mananger. I stayed with Dun & Bradstreet until my position was outsourced to India in 2006. Then, to be honest – at six months pregnant – I made a decision that I wanted to be able to work from home to be with my children. I wanted to get to be a full-time mommy. I had really missed so much with my son Bradley. He was being cared for from 6am to 6pm by someone other than myself or my husband. I wanted to be able to be there for my children. I wanted to be able to take my son and pick him up from school, to take him to his baseball practice and school events. I did not want to miss what I had missed out on with Bradley with our daughter Brooke. Although I was looking for another job that would match the salary I was making at Dun & Bradstreet, I had in the back of my mind that I would do whatever it took to make things work financially and remain home with my children.  I was taking care of me and my family, and a healthy diet and fitness was very much apart of my life.

Unfortunately, I have struggled since Brooke’s accident to find myself again. After Brooke’s accident my ONLY role was “protector” and taking care of me really was not all that important. Looking back, I think I actually felt I did not deserve to take care of me. I had let this awful thing happen to my daughter, and I did not deserve any time to take care of me.  It took letting others know about her accident with the publication of “Mending Wings” for me to realize that Brooke’s accident was NOT my fault,  and that I was doing everything I could to prevent furniture tip-over accidents from happening to other families.  I also started looking at me, and the way that I was feeling about me. I was struggling with my body image and very disappointed in my current level of fitness. It was time to make a change for the better, and I was not going to accept any less of myself. I was tired of feeling tired and out of shape, but most of all I was tired of feeling UNHEALTHY.

I am just going to be raw, possibly transparent, when I share my story. I felt like a complete FAILURE, and I was so disappointed in myself. I had really hit rock bottom! As a matter of fact, looking back it’s easy to see that I was depressed and in total SURVIVAL mode. Even though I was doing something so gratifying as spreading a very important message to others, I still did not feel good about me. Although on the outside I was holding it together,  I was in a pattern of self-destruction. I was coping with the pain and self-blame by tearing myself down – both physically and mentally. I had begun to slowly take back charge over my body by moving again and addressing issues surrounding my diet and what I was putting into my body. A good friend of mine helped me to slowly get back to working out, and she introduced me to AdvoCare. I am not lying when I say, AdvoCare has truly changed my life! I was holding it together on the outside, but on the inside I was self-destructing. I had put up so many walls to deal with the guilt surrounding Brooke’s accident, that I could not see the silver lining – the true blessing of life.

Once I made up my mind to take care of myself and bring fitness back into my life, I began to feel so much better. I decided to  complete The 24 Day Challenge, and I was amazed by my results. I actually lost a total of 11 pounds through AdvoCare Products, sensible eating and exercise. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 in less than 60 days using AdvoCare products! I have continued to change my body for the better with the consistent use of the AdvoCare Trim Line.  I also have a new strength in me, that I was lacking – a new belief, that I am WORTH it. I feel completely different than the person than the individual that was failing herself.  I have a new energy, and I actually WANT to take care of me for a change. Working out is now part of my routine, something that in the past I did not have the energy for. I currently attend Crossfit Texas, and I have amazed myself at what I have been able to physically achieve even after having back fusion surgery. I am getting back to my athletic roots, and I credit AdvoCare Performance Products with helping me to achieve my goal of a lean and healthy body. I realize that I am important, and that I am worth it.  No matter what got me to this point in my life, that I have control of where I go from here. I am using AdvoCare Products to supplement my diet, and have seen the proven results with other mom’s just like me. I share these products with others not only because they have helped me begin a journey that includes health and fitness but because I BELIEVE IN THEM. I have seen time and time again others around me that are a part of this company achieve amazing results.


I want all of the supporters of Brooke’s Angel Wings to know that I am still a mommy with a mission. I will still work to spread our message to secure your furniture to the wall because every 2 weeks a child is dying. The mission of my company, I wear like a badge of honor – a badge that was earned by surviving the most challenging event of my life. Things have come full circle, and I feel I am at a place in my life where I understand why Brooke’s accident happened to our family. I know that Brooke’s accident happened so that we could save others. I am still a mommy with a mission, but one thing has changed on this mission – I will take care of me. I want to share with others out there these amazing products and the change that AdvoCare has brought to my life. I am excited about the opportunity to not only make our lives healthier but also more financially secure. I have been an AdvoCare distributor for almost a year and have achieved the first level of leadership within this company. I have found being an Independent Distributor with AdvoCare to be very rewarding and an amazing way to work from home and supplement my income. I am currently looking for distributors for my team as well. You can work from home and be able to stay at home with your children while you choose how many hours you dedicate to your business. You design your future with AdvoCare with the help of an amazing team to back you along the way. I know personally distributors that are making $5,000 to $25,000 a month!!

If you are interested in AdvoCare Products to better your health and wellness or this amazing business opportunity to supplement your income, please visit or email me at with any questions. I am so excited these products have been introduced to me, and I can’t wait to help better the lives of others! Contact me to find out how to get a free box of SPARK with the purchase of a 24 day Challenge Bundle! When you purchase AdvoCare through me, you get my support as well. I will be available to guide you on use of the products and to provide support and encouragement along the way. If you have found our Brooke’s Angel Wings Website, you have read Brooke’s story. You know the challenges that our family have faced, and the message we wish you to hear to secure your furniture to the wall. I hope to continue to spread our powerful message through the jewelry that Brooke and I create together, but I also hope to change the lives of others with the products that have helped me to get back to me.

Hugs, Laurie