Stronger Than I Think

So what am I going to do with this blog? I am a writer, but I am so terrified to put my emotions on paper. Why? I don’t know.

The other part of this is that the nature of my blog is heartbreaking. I simply cannot write about furniture safety and children dying all the time – it’s hard to face. I do want others to hear my message and to LISTEN, but what I really want is for them to DO SOMETHING. If everyone would do something, then so many children’s lives would be saved. Here is my message: please secure your furniture and TVs to the wall, it might save your child’s life. Simple as that.

What our family went through 3 years ago was horrific. That day that my little toddler decided to climb a dresser to get her Barbie doll – it still haunts me, even now. It is getting easier to tell my daughter’s story, I have a very condensed version. Enough so the person knows, but not enough for me to cry. Sometimes, I wish I could just pretend it did not happen. Pretend that my daughter did not almost die, but I remember that day. I remember the ride in the ambulance, and I remember the doctors cutting my little girls clothing off. I remember the blood stained outfit that came home in the little plastic patient belongings bag. I remember the dresser lying on the floor and the puddles of blood next to it, and I remember kicking and punching that dresser with all my might. Every last ounce of my strength was inflicted upon that dresser. Then, I remember laying on the floor curled up in a fetal position and crying because I did not know if my daughter would live or die and crying because I was in PAIN.  I had back surgery about a month and a half before Brooke’s accident. I was looking at a 6 month recovery, but I had just kicked and punched with all my might. I would find out later that I had fractured the good vertebra above the back fusion I had just gone through. Somehow the physical pain did not matter though, if my daughter died – I would surely die.

Think what you might, and just know that I am human. It was tough to process that day and the days to follow. Hard to even believe that what I was going through was actually happening. I think the worst was the first few nights. My husband and I laid there and every time the heart rate monitor or oxygen monitor went off we would jump up frantically thinking Brooke was dying. Doctors told us with head injuries, 72 hours was the window. We blamed ourselves for her accident, so that too would cause my husband and I much grief.

So, why am I sharing this? Guess I just want to let it go. I think what drives me to continue to share her story and tell others about it, is that I know of mothers that have lost their child. My child got to stay, so I feel strongly that I need to let others know in honor of those children that have been lost. I guess I just wish that people would wake up and realize that every 2 weeks a child is lost. A simple little strap that you put on the back of the dresser and attach to the wall can PREVENT this type of accident from EVER happening. I can tell everyone about the dangers, but I can’t make people act – even when their child’s life is at stake. It’s frustrating to me.

I know I am venting, and maybe one person will get it. I want to turn this blog into a positive place for me. I need positive. I am a mommy that has been through some major pain.  Sometimes I wish I could take back that day, but my daughter’s accident made me the woman I am today. Strong is a word that I would use to describe myself – stronger than I think.

Brooke’s Angel Wings Our Mission: Please Secure Your Furniture to the Wall, it Could Save a Child’s Life!!

I thank God everyday for letting our angel stay! Her Princess Crown is now covered by her beautiful hair, but it will forever remain a part of her. To honor her life, we will continue to spread this message to secure furniture in hopes of saving other children's lives. Thank you for your support!!


Life is really hard, as I am sure a lot of you know. Once we create our families, we have mouths to feed and bills to pay. Some of us are thrown life-changing challenges on top of that. It would be easy to give up and just say, “I can’t take it anymore, and I CAN’T do this!” But, mommies are fighters, and as a mom – I choose to not give up. How can I even think in that direction? When there is not enough money to pay our bills, afford our groceries and keep the roof over our head – even when my husband and I are both working so hard – it would be so easy to just surrender and say, “I have failed at life.” But, I choose to lead a happy life. I have to lead a happy life, especially after the precious gift that God has given me. I could not let Him down. He let my angel, Brooke, stay and for that, I will fight. He has given me a purpose in life, a validation of sorts – a reason to fight hard to make the lives of others better.  You know, I asked God over and over again, “Why?” Why did this happen to our family – to our precious daughter, and now I have my WHY.  Simply put, to save lives.

For those of you asking, what is the message? This is a difficult and hard story to tell. One that rips at my heart each time I speak of it, but I know I have to be brave and share because the impact of Brooke’s accident is too great to just live life as if there was not a story to tell. I have to share this story because it might help others and that is why we are here on earth – to help one another.

Here is an excerpt from my guest post that has just gone live TODAY on Scary Mommy,  PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND READ THE ENTIRE POST!!

” The day of the accident, Brooke and I had just woken up from a nap – she was walking in front of me through the living room. I remember watching the cute little skip in her step. I followed behind her and sat down at our computer desk in the hallway right next to her brother’s bedroom.  She walked into the bedroom, and then I heard the crash – our lives would change FOREVER. “

Today is a HUGE day for us at Brooke’s Angel Wings. I am so excited that Brooke’s Story was posted on a such a well-known mommy blog, and even more excited about all those that we will be reaching. Please read this post, it was hard to write about that day – to take all those emotions and make them fit into 2 pages. But I did it, and  I am proud of it, I think it will hit home for parents that read it, and I think they will want to take the action to secure their furniture. I am hoping that many will make arrangements to get the life-saving furniture straps they need to make their homes secure for their children.

I wanted to share that so far the best and quickest way to get furniture straps is not your local store but from the Internet. has quite a few to choose from right now. I have checked all of my local stores (Target, Walmart, Home Depot and EVEN Babies R’Us) and FURNITURE STRAPS are just missing in the baby safety items section. So, don’t waste your time driving from store to store. I would call to see if they might be in stock first. In the meantime, I am going to keep working to see about making furniture straps more available to the public at our local stores. Someday, hope to be able to just hand them out – but, well that’s a dream.

The very first posting of Brooke’s Story called “Mending Wings” by Michele Anderson published on October 18th 2011 is what truly started this journey. I always knew that I needed to let others know the dangers, but I just did not know how to go about it. Michele asked to write a story about Brooke’s accident  and requested that I wrote a little about that day for her article – well a little turned into a lot. It just poured out on the paper – all the raw emotions that I had been holding inside since November 28th 2009 (the day of Brooke’s accident). When Michele asked me if it would be ok for her to write an article for a well-known mommy site called The Creative Mama, after of course agreeing without question – I remember saying, “Well, I’m not that creative, but Brooke and I make necklaces.” The jewelry was for survival. Not going to lie, our family has been struggling financially since Brooke’s accident. We just can’t seem to catch a break. Anyway, Michele said to bring one of the necklaces (she is an amazing photographer) to the shoot for the article. I brought our SIGNATURE WINGS – and, well that is how Brooke’s Angel Wings came to be. My mother had actually given me the wing pendant as a gift because she knew how important angel wings were to me since Brooke’s accident. I had made that particular necklace for myself, but it had turned out so STUNNING, it has quick become our signature pendant and a client favorite. These beautiful wings represent to me the angels that I know Brooke had surrounding her during the accident, surgery and her recovery.

Michele used a stunning photo of Brooke holding the wings as the lead photo on her “Mending Wings” post. It was about a week later that Michele expressed to me that she wished to publish, in my own words, how I felt about Brooke’s accident in her article. I could not believe it. I was a Journalism major, but I never truly followed my dream of writing. There was life, work, babies…being a mom (not a lot of writing going on). Michele’s article was amazing, and it spread worldwide very quickly. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done to spread this message. I know that if it were not for her, it would have taken me much longer to reach even a portion of the people we have already impacted. Now, we have a business and a platform to spread our important message to others – it’s amazing.

Brooke's Angel Wings "Signature Turquoise BLING DOUBLE ANGEL WINGS"

Well, I am hoping that the post on Scary Mommy will lead new readers to our blog/website!! I am so excited about the prospect of reaching so many. I am also hoping that they will see our beautiful jewelry that represents our message and decide they might want to help support our cause. Remember if you shop our store it supports our cause (100 % of the proceeds go toward the financial recover of our family and spreading this important message). You have my word, that I will keep putting in effort to continue to spread this message – money or not. We are however really in a tough spot – to be frank – afraid of losing our home to foreclosure because we are 4 months behind, so I could not be more excited about the prospect of being able to make jewelry for our supporters! I pray each day, that we can save our home. I know that a house, is just shelter – that we would be able to find somewhere to live as long as we have our family, but it’s still hard to imagine losing the home that we have lived in for almost ten years. I look at my children, my husband – my FAMILY and I know that they are what really matters. But, I still hope and pray that we can save our home. Each necklace made represents to me that our message is reaching others AND survival for our family. Please take a look at our jewerly, we would love your support. If you don’t see something you like, we can do custom orders. Brooke and I LOVE custom orders (just please allow 2-3 weeks on those). It’s just me and Brooke (in between Max and Ruby or Dora) AND only when she is in the mood to create. At 5 years old, she really is quite the designer (of course, with a little guidance here and there from mommy). I am amazed at her ability to create such beautiful patterns.  She is a true MIRACLE – my little ANGEL/PRINCESS/DIVA!!

Also, wanted to say on this journey to spread our message, I met this blogger/mommy/hilarious “piece of work”  named Evin of Food Good Laundry Bad (check out her blog it’s FAB). She has gone above and beyond what one would expect to help spread our message, and for that I am so grateful (Evin, promise that UT necklace I promised is coming soon:)).  I think we clicked because we both have our own struggles to survive in this world with not enough money and kids! She is one of my angels of many that have helped spread our message! She is actually the REASON for this post on Scary Mommy even happening.  I am so grateful that she took the time to email Jill aka Scary Mommy and ask if she would help spread our message.  So, thank you Evin from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to you all for stopping by, and I hope that you take the precautions to secure your home for your family. Just this past week another child died from a dresser falling on them. This is real…it’s a harsh reality. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOUR FAMILY. Please spread this message for me to your family and friends. Your support means so much!!




This Brooke today, post craniotomy, 100% fully recovered without any complications. She is a healhy, vibrant 5 year old with her "Princess Crown" still in-tact under her beautiful hair that has finally grown back! Brooke's Angel Wings works to share Brooke's Story to spread the message to secure your furniture to the wall. Our hope is to raise awareness and prevent this from happening to another family.

Thanks for my blog my angels!!

So, gonna be honest – I don’t really know exactly what I am doing, and that would be why you have not seen many blog posts. I love to write, and I want to use this blog for so many different things. Got to give a shout out to Lauren of Restored 316 and Michele Anderson of Pinkletoes for setting me up with this amazing website. Just like that, they set us a platform to spread our message. A place to share Brooke’s story and our creations from the heart that represent emotional healing for me. How awesome is that??

The fact that I am learning as I go –  as far as the blog goes  - has prompted me to follow some amazing mommy bloggers on the web. Of course, Michele Anderson of  Pinkletoes ,  Priscilla aka Wheel Chair Mommy, Evin of Food Good Laundry Bad and now Whitney of  Whit’s World have offered to write guest posts on my blog to keep it going while I am getting our business Brooke’s Angel Wings going. I am learning from others that have been sharing their lives – making mental notes – planning to make a full go at being a blogger, as soon as I get myself organized (not sure if that is possible, but it’s a new year  AND that’s the goal).  It’s so exciting and fun, but I am a bit timid for now. I graduated with a Journalism/PR degree from University of Texas at Austin, but I never really applied my degree to life. You know, got the job at a good company and stayed until the lay off . It was a great job with benefits and I was doing my part to pay the bills. I was there for almost eight years and well, the lay off left me 6 months pregnant without a J.O.B. My job at the time was with Dun & Bradstreet, and I wrote credit reports. Such a fun and exciting way to apply my Journalism degree (laugh out loud)- at least I was writing. Very technical writing and editing, but I convinced myself that experience was experience.

Anyway, not to get off topic, but I want you guys to know that to have this opportunity to blog about something that I have so much passion about is amazing. Not only can I use this site to educate, but I can use this site to express my emotions and feelings. Writing has been the only way I have been able to express the day of Brooke’s accident. Writing is the only way I can really let all of you know the true and raw emotions surrounding that day. It is hard to write about, Brooke’s accident, but it is something that I need to do. You know, her accident could have been prevented. I, like so many others, did not think it could happen to my family. But, it did – the reality, our daughter almost died from a furniture tip-over accident. The HARSH reality, every 2 weeks a child is dying from an accident involving unsecured furniture. I know, without a doubt, that this is a mission worth fighting to continue and keep going because I don’t want this to happen to your family. Money is tight, but I will keep putting effort into spreading this message to those that will listen. Please consider purchasing furniture straps to protect your children or others that may be in your home. If you have reached my site, you have most likely read Brooke’s story – so you know the dangers. Try amazon  as a quick way to place an order TODAY. I have tried our local stores, and I am having trouble finding them. I am working on that part, so for now, place an order and promise me when you get them in the mail you will attach them to your furniture. To support our cause, shop our store BROOKE’S ANGEL WINGS (100 % of the proceeds go to the financial recovery of our family – currently we a facing foreclosure- and to spreading this important message).

So, I would like to share this piece written by a friend I have met on this amazing journey to spread Brooke’s story. She is a stay-at-home mommy who works hard to home school her oldest son and care for her younger son as well. Whitney’s blog is honest and real, as she captures those motherhood moments in her words for all of us to read. Thank you Whitney for your touching post about Brooke’s Angel Wings!

HUGS – Laurie


Please take the time to read Whit’s World – Brooke’s Angel Wings and check out Whit’s blog at Whit’s World. Here is Whit’s post: 


Hi friends, I sit down to write today about an unbelievably important message that my friend, Laurie, and her family desperately want to spread. The story is not easy to hear and the pictures, not easy to see, but if you are a parent, step-parent, grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, cousin, friend, etc. of a small child you must read and share this post!! (Um, you should probably grab some tissues too.)

When you ask most parents what their worst fear is, I would venture to guess about 90% would say, “Something terrible happening to my child/children.”. I know that’s mine at least, somewhere in your head though you always tell yourself it would never happen to us though…right? Well for Laurie, this is exactly what happened. A tragic accident occurred when her daughter was at the young age of 3 that would forever change their lives. Here is an excerpt from Laurie explaining the horror of that day:

“It was really loud. I just remember looking into the doorway and seeing the bottom of the dresser, but not Brooke. I panicked when I realized she was underneath the dresser. I was only able to partially lift the dresser myself because I had just had a major back surgery. My effort had gotten the weight of the dresser off of her head, and I was hanging on with all my strength. I was screaming for my husband, Matt. He was there instantly and literally threw the dresser from her into the corner of Bradley’s room. I saw her reaction…she shuttered or jerked a little and then I saw the blood coming from her left ear.”

Can you even imagine….? Okay, now wipe the tears from your eyes. I am happy to tell you that Brooke recovered completely, after a craniotomy and a miraculously strong fight, and is now a vibrant, healthy and beautiful 5 year old girl.

Unfortunately, their family accumulated a massive amount of medical bills throughout the ordeal. Then, to top it off, Laurie’s husband was laid off and then more recently, so was Laurie. So, Laurie and her daughter Brooke, are taking matters into their own hands by launching Brooke’s Angel Wings. They now make and sell gorgeous, handmade necklaces to help pay the bills and keep their home. I told Laurie to place an order for this one for me, I love it!!

Now I am gonna ask for your help…help in any way you can. Share this story with someone else, you may just save a life! Look around your house, do you see furniture that should be fastened to the wall, but isn’t? (I found several pieces that weren’t. We now have those pieces of furniture strapped to walls, I couldn’t sleep until my hubby took care of it!) Finally, if you can, GO HERE and purchase a necklace. They are one of a kind beautiful pieces, and make wonderful gifts too!

The message here is loud and clear! Statistics say that a small child is severely injured or killed from furniture tip over accidents once every 2 weeks. Unfortunately, one of those deaths occurred just last week. The reality of this is frighteningly urgent people!! Strap your furniture to the wall!!
Be Blessed,

Blogger With a Heart of Gold! NOMINATE US FOR THE ELLEN SHOW ~ Help Spread our Message!!!

Brooke’s Angel wings took flight officially on October 18th when an amazing article ran about Brooke’s story on The Creative Mama website, the support has been incredible. Along the way I have made instant connections with some women with hearts of gold. I’m not kidding, you could just cash them in – they would bring in the top prices for gold, seriously! One of these women blogs about life in the most fascinating way. She does not hold back and she speaks the utter truth, a quality that I admire. Without me asking, she has spread the word about our important message to her friends, family and readers. She has advertised our jewelry for us and even explored ways for us to continue to spread our message around the world. I am thrilled to introduce Evin of “Food Good, Laundry Bad” – a humorous, entertaining and truthful blog (trust me, you will read with a smile)!

Thank you Evin for this post and readers please check out her awesome blog!

I was super stoked when Laurie asked to repost the article I wrote about her and Brooke to her blog – I’m glad she liked what I had to say so much! Instead of rehashing the same old stuff, I offered to write a whole new post for her and link back to the post I wrote!

Here’s the post I wrote on my own blog, Food Good Laundry Bad, called Asking for Your Help… go have a read.

In that post you might notice that I mention that Laurie isn’t working any more. Think about that… You go from a household with 2 incomes and 2 healthy kids, to 1 income, smaller than before, and 2 kids, one with insane medical expenses AND you are just trying to survive and pay the mortgage. You are 3 months behind of the mortgage, afraid of losing your home and it’s Christmas!! If I could just write a check and make it all better, I would. I bet you would, too.

Here’s what we can do.. find somebody who CAN write a check. Oprah’s gone (boo! I love Oprah) but Ellen is fast filling her stilettos. Only in sneakers. Cuz Ellen doesn’t wear stilettos. Cuz she’s awesome and pointy shoes are dumb. I digress.

So here’s what we’re doing.. campaigning to get Brooke and Laurie on Ellen. How? Ellen’s website! I’ve even made it easy for you..

If you want to help Ellen find Laurie and Brooke, please go HERE and put in your info, and then just copy and paste this in:

Dear Ellen,
Please consider having Laurie Rahn and her daughter
Brooke on your show. When Brooke was 3, she pulled a dresser down on
herself, crushing her skull. She’s 5 now, and miraculously, she’s fine.
Laurie and Brooke are doing everything they can to spread the word about
how important it is to secure your furniture to the walls when you have
young children in the home. Due to Brooke’s accident, the family has
crushing debt, and Laurie and Brooke are selling beautiful handmade
jewelry on Etsy to try to dig out of the hole. To read more, please
visit Brooke’s Angel Wings site, here:

Thank you!

There ya go!  Of course, if you haven’t yet, now is a great time to buy some beautiful jewelry from Brooke and Laurie.. and if you have, don’t you want to add to the collection? This is new and soooo purdy…

Thanks Laurie for letting me be your guest today!!

Evin – Food Good Laundry Bad


“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~Christopher Robin to Pooh
“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing” – Optimus Prime


So, if this is a dream can someone pinch me? So many things have happened since October 18th, the day that a very special story ran on The Creative Mama Website about our daughter Brooke. This article was written by Michele Anderson, owner of Pinkle Toes Photography of Austin, TX. “Mended Wings” chronicles the feelings that a mother goes through during the most horrific day of her life along with the powerful recollection of the healing process. Michele published my daughter Brooke’s story because she felt the words were poweful and impactful and may convince people of the need to secure their furniture to the wall.

At age 3, Brooke nearly lost her life when she tried to climb a dresser and it fell on top of her. This post could have a very different tone, but it would still have the same message: WAKE UP! Go through your house and secure any furniture to the wall that could tip over. Every 2 weeks a child dies!! That’s right, every 2 weeks a child dies due to household accidents involving un-secured furniture. Now, our story has a happy ending…we have our beautiful daughter Brooke to hold and love. Our little Princess is here – alive and safe. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God for letting my angel stay here with us.

I can show you Brooke’s photos, and I can tell you the risks of not securing your furniture to the wall….but, I can’t make you do it. I can tell you about all the sweet angels that have lost their lives and I know it will bring tears to your eyes, but I still can’t make you take the precaution. That’s very frustrating to me. Seriously, if I had all the money in the world I would buy all the straps I could and pass them out to anyone with a child or anyone that might have a child in their home. The straps are inexpensive, but they are rather hard to find. You can find them online and place an order which you will receive within the week, but right now they just are not available at the stores. I’ve checked…I wanted to be able to show all of you what you needed to buy and how much they costs. Guess what? Furniture straps are not at any of our local stores like Target, Walmart, Home Depot or EVEN Babies R’Us. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Plenty of cabinet locks, drawer locks, oven locks and refrigerator locks. Where are the freakin’ furniture straps?

I’ve gotten a little off topic, but my reason for telling Brooke’s story is because I have an important mission. I DON’T WANT ANY OTHER FAMILY TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH WHAT WE DID. I don’t want them to ride in the ambulance, see the doctors cut their child’s clothes off, be told they have a window of 72 hours to find out if their child will make it – to listen for each beep and frantically strain to hear their child take a breath. Does that sound like something you want to go through??  Keep in mind many families don’t get that window because their child dies instantly. That is why I urge you to order online – do what you have to do – but, secure your furniture to the wall so that your children are safe.

We would find out that Brooke had fractured her skull in 3 spots, had air in her brain, broken orbital bones and a broken bone in her ear. She would need to have a craniotomy which is an ear to ear incision with removal of the top of the skull. Once the neurosurgeon repaired the dura (the membrane around her brain that was torn) and and a plastic surgeon repaired the orbital bones, then the skull would be put back into place and attached with dissovable plates. Sounds scary, right? Without this surgery she could die from infection of the cerebral fluid, have very serious complications with her vision or have facial deformity. We had no choice. I think what truthfully causes me many sleepless night is the fact that her accident could have been avoided had we taken the very simple precaution of securing our furniture to the wall. That simple action would have prevented this entire situation – it’s that simple.

I really feel that Brooke’s accident happened for a reason. At first, I kept asking God WHY? What did we do. But, I don’t think it’s what we did. I really think it happened because of what we are supposed to do. There are others that are pursuing approval of a Government Law to actually require companies that produce any piece of furniture that poses the risk of tipping to have a WARNING label on it. Maybe that would make us think we need to follow through and take the step of attaching it to the wall. We all know we should do this, but do we? At least if the Government did pass this law then maybe as consumers we would be more apt to take precaution. I am just starting, but I am on a mission. I can’t let Brooke’s accident just be forgotten. I know that her hair has grown back, and she is a healthy and happy five year old. I could just go on like normal, but I just can’t. I need the people like us who think it won’t happen to them to know that it could. I need the people that just don’t know that they should take action, to take action. I need to raise awareness about this important precaution that we can take to save our children’s lives.

Introducing Princess Brooke post recovery. She's a healthy, vibrant five year old. Her hair has grown back, but her princess crown remains in-tact! Photo by Michele Anderson at

The other amazing thing that happened after Michele’s article went live article was that a business was started. Brooke and I just recently started making jewelry together when my mother (aka Grammy) gave me a tub of beads she had bought with the dream of making jewelry to sell herself. Well, that never happened and she just kept buying beads so she passed them on to me.  She said, “Take this tub of beads and make something with it. Maybe you can sell necklaces and make some grocery money.” This would be the start to something exciting and new. Something that Brooke and I both enjoyed doing together. And now, looking back, I realize an important part of mending my own wings!

Let’s just say that Brooke’s accident stalled me professionally. I did graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a Journalism degree, but then life just happened. I worked at Dun & Bradstreet as a Customer Service Manager for eight years until I was laid off from my job when I was six months pregnant with Brooke. Like all mommies out there, I wanted to be with my baby. I wanted to be at home with her. At the time, my husband’s salary could support us – just barely- but with a little help from family every so often we were rockin’ along just fine. After Brooke’s accident and probably because our family’s medical history (that’s another post in itself), my husband lost his job. He is now working 60+ hours a week, but he took a cut in pay (our economy today is really hurting us all). I had been working at my daughter’s preschool to help contribute because that was really the only thing that would work for me. You see, after her accident I had trouble letting Brooke out of my sight. She became my little shadow…I’m serious, I was her protector. I kept her safe. The doctors said in the beginning that it was imperative for her to NOT hit her head….well, I became her helmet. So, once she was recovered enough to return to preschool, I had trouble because she had become such an extension of me. It’s very hard to explain, but when you almost lose something so important and you get that second chance….you dive blindly into making it even better than before. You give it your all and you treasure each and every moment. So, being able to teach at her preschool was not only a perfect fit, but it allowed me to be able to know that she was safe. I could let her out of my site and know I was right there if she ever needed me. I am working on that. Working on realizing that I have to move forward and accomplish my own dreams. I am a writer by nature, but yet I have not followed that dream. Everything is falling amazingly into place. The opportunity to take something so horrific and turn it into something so positive is here. I am going to take this opportunity and run with it. I am not a jeweler by any means and in fact, right now all I have made are necklaces. But, I am exploring and excited about my creations to come. I hope and pray that through our jewelry we can touch lives – we can send an important message AND create a memory.

To all of those that have been supporting our mission, thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Right now, financially my family is struggling and we are facing possible foreclosure…the sale of these necklaces could not be any more of a blessing.  I hope that through the sale of these precious necklaces that I can catch our mortgage up. So, I have hope. I am gonna pray, and I am going to work really hard. I am going on a wing and a prayer, letting God lead the way. I hope that through Brooke’s Angels Wings we will SAVE LIVES!! I hope that each of you reading this post will take the precaution to secure your furniture to the wall and spread this message for me. This message is spreading worldwide (I know for a fact it’s reached Australia, Germany, Brazil and Italy). How amazing is that??? Brooke’s story even made it on KVUE news. Check out the clip here.

Finally, I want to say a special thank you to Michele. You have given me a platform to spread my message from and for that I am eternally grateful. You have allowed Brooke’s story to be told, and you have helped give my family an amazing opportunity. Oh yeah, please check out Michele’s blog! It’s full of creativity, wit, confidence and superb photos by an amazing photographer and writer. Somehow despite her busy schedule she delivers constant entertainment to her blog stalkers. Michele, it has been an honor to work with you, and I appreciate everything you have done for me. Your support has been huge in helping Brooke’s Angel Wings take flight!